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JBD Investment Group LLC is a Maryland based real estate investing firm dedicated to partnering with savvy investors to acquire cash flow producing commercial real estate.

Busy corporate professionals often times approach us looking for opportunities to invest in real estate opportunities that don’t require their time or efforts. They often seek to expand their investment portfolio by investing in hard assets, like real estate, that produce stable and predictable cash flow, equity creation, and tax savings with less volatility as compared to investing in the stock market.

In initial conversations investors usually ask:




Passive investing allows an investor to invest in private real estate in exchange for partial ownership in the deal without having to do any of the leg work or heavy lifting. You simply sit back and wait for your “mailbox money” to be distributed.



As with any investment, nothing is risk free. However investing in real estate comes with much lower risk of exposure to external factors that you have no control over and could impact your investment ( trade wars, foreign economic downturns, political indifferences, etc that send our stock market into volatility) all while providing a more stable and predictable cash flow pattern.




Investors benefit from many tax incentives such as depreciation and cost segregation which allows the investor to offset capital gains taxes on their potential earnings from their real estate holdings. Contact us to learn more! Refinance commercial property