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There are more than a dozen different types of commercial loans, although most real estate investors will only use one of the first five types:

Commercial Real Estate Loan  –

We offer a variety of commercial mortgages with loan amounts starting at $150,000 up to $50,000,000, fixed-interest rates starting as low as 6%*, and terms from 1 to 30 years.

With banks declining most applicants for commercial real estate mortgages,  We approve quickly with a simple application process. Financing for commercial properties is available in all 50 states, with terms ranging anywhere from 1 to 30 years. Our non-bank commercial lending solutions also have higher approval rates than banks.


SBA Loans – The Small Business Administration  offers a variety of loan programs to small businesses. The SBA doesn’t disburse loans directly; rather it provides lenders with a Federal guarantee for a defined maximum and minimum amount. Because of this, the terms of an SBA loan will vary based on lender-specific guidelines.

For the most part, these loans have lower down payments and longer terms. One of the most popular programs is the SBA 7(a) loan, which was established to assist existing small businesses and start-ups obtain financing for various general business purposes.

The most common uses of loans under this program include working capital, machinery and equipment, and commercial real estate.

SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is also available offering a 1% fixed APR rate for the life of the loan, payments are deferred for 10 months, and you may qualify for loan forgiveness.


Hard Money Loans – The first thing you’d need to get approved for a Hard Money loan is to have at least 25% to 40% down payment in the case of a purchase, or substantial equity in the property if you’re looking for a cash-out refinance.

The higher the down payment or property equity you have, the more likely you will be approved. We will also look at your credit score and cash reserves. We look at this to assess if you can make payments on time and pay for other costs like taxes, insurance, etc. Last but not least, we will look at the borrower’s experience in real estate.

If this is the first time that the borrower is going to finance investment real estate, he or she might face more scrutiny than a borrower with years of experience in these types of deals.

Working with us is a straightforward process tailored for investors.


Bridge Loans – A bridge loan is a type of loan used for short-term financing. Bridge financing typically has a term from 6 to 24 months. Bridge loan rates are higher than traditional institution loans due to the increased risk.

We do check your creditworthiness, but your approval will not be based on just credit since the property itself will secure the loan.  This is beneficial for borrowers who may currently have less than ideal credit but have equity in the property.

These loans have a lower loan to value (LTV) ratios than traditional mortgages obtained from banks in order to protect the lender from a borrower defaulting. The bridge loan lender will generally only allow for a loan to value ratio from 50% to 70%. The loan amounts available for a bridge loan can range from a relatively small amount of $100,000 to a jumbo bridge loan in the millions of dollars. The borrower may sell the property or arrange other long-term financings in order to pay off the loan.


Equipment financing can be used to obtain business-related machinery such as vehicles, restaurant freezer/oven,  industrial machines, construction equipment, and just about anything essential machine.  There are a wide number of benefits associated with this type of transaction from tax deductions to more cash flow it even helps you stay ahead of your competition by always having the newest equipment.

Qualifying for equipment leasing is easy, simply apply online, send us 6 months of bank statements an invoice of the equipment you want to finance.  We should have an answer in 24 to 48 hours, all industries are welcomed.


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